HBB paddling made 2006-06-04 – 2006-08-04
A HBB-paddling means a long tour paddling from Svinesund to Haparanda under given rules. More about the rules and information about HBB will be found at their homepage.

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Log book by Lennart Bergström in start with Larry Wikström

The first day. 2006-06-04 (Sunday)
It became a bit hectic. At the same time Larry and I should leave and wanted the transport to Svinesund it collided with the time my oldest son Peter should move from Linköping to Värnamo. "OK! Help him and depart soonest possible" was my thought. There were many carrying moving-boxes and soon were Larry and I on our way. Already at 1500 were we at the spot in Svinesund. After hectic activity were we ready to start at a quarter passed 4. We were eager to start.

1a.jpg 1b.jpg

After a due fare-well wave to them who still were at the shore to see us glide away out on our adventure we turned the kayaks towards Singlefjorden. In our case it was my son Jörgen we left behind.

Now had the tour begun.

Weak 1 - That was a short one !

Svinesund – Tjärnö – 16,06 Nm = 2.97 mil
In behind wind and tidal water running out we could log 6 knots under normal paddling. A nice start. As I had been in this water earlier I had the command and brought us along the mainland south to Stensviken. Arriving there I could only state the water level was to low for passing Ledssundsholmen at the inside. We had to go around it and told Larry I had to confirm our start and report the time to Jim. I just got hold of my mobile phone as it rang. It was Jim who called to wish us good luck. Tjällholmen, Aspholmen and all the other we passed as suitable. My plan was to go at the inside of Långöarna down to Karlholmen and continue at the inside of öddöarna, Tjärnö, Rossö and so on. Already at Tjärnö and the most narrow passage to the mainland did we stop for the night.

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Week 2

Tjärnö – Dannemark – 28,93 Nm = 5,36 mil
Under no wind to mention and grey sky without rain. I thought of on-going paddling at the inside all way to Havstenssund. At mud area around Älgö couldn't we go on. It was ebb. We had to go around Råssö and after Resö were back on the right track. Larry had forgot his transport cover and we had to pay Mats and Kajkakcenter in Grebbestad a visit. A totally wasted detour. Mats was away and a cover suiting to Larry's hatch was not in stock. Further south and in the evening we reached Dannemark.


Dannemark – Koppholmen – 30,59 Nm = 5,6 mil
Today came the sun through for the first time. It became hot at once to paddle. The wind was a bit less in our favour but we continued in good temper. Larry isn't use to sea waves and find them difficult to handle. To minimise the time he is exposed in them he rapidly in a direction he thinks is best without telling med and has caused us some detours. As I have taken on the to lead him through my 'back pocket' have I got huge problems to announce changes of direction. By this a little irritation from my point of view. At Koppholmen did we talk through the problems and hope for us both it will run smother now.
Koppholmen – Instön – 15,58 = 2,69 mil
Restful paddling today. In other words didn't Larry run away, even though there were some waves. At Rönnäng we hade to rest on the paddle as a reindeer swam towards the mainland. Out at the Marstrandsfjorden I sighted a porpoise coming up rolling 5 times and made me happy to re see this nice kind of dolphin, I haven't seen for several years. Larry was far away in front of me and couldn't tell him.

4a.jpg    4b.jpg
A routine we already are used is to do the office-work soonest after finished day distance.

Instön – Rivö – 17,32 Nm = 3,24 mil
The wind has showed to change direction frequently each day and no exception today either. Still nice as it isn't strong when it is head wind. At Hjuvik stopped my steering to function. I went ashore and fixed it temporary. According to Larry took the 'pit stop' 3,5 minutes without foregoing training. We arrived early at Rivö that I judge as a good stating place for the continuance to Bua if the weather is nice. We now had time to change in our way how things were packed and adjust whatever we had thought to. A better repair of the steering could not be done. To this I needed screw and nuts as some rivets had broke. Loose screws had no-one of us I could state.

5a.jpg större bild 5b.jpg

Rivö – Bua – 28,83 Nm = 5,34 mil
In breeze from SW did we paddle our kayaks along Askimsfjorden. We started off just past six. At Särö had we crossed the fjord diagonally and paddled between the islands. After Onsala vanished what one could archipelago. It will be mostly sandy beaches and banks. Late arrival to Bua.

6a.jpg större bild 6b.jpg större bild
Same view evening and morning.

Bua – Grimsholmen – 31,86 Nm = 5,9 mil
The morning at Bua was foggy. We waited a while before starting today's paddling. As we started we could at least sight the lighthouse at the inlet. From there it had to be compass paddling until we closed in on Varberg. During the morning did we pass some seal colony. In Varberg I had some errands, but forgot to fill up the water that I later mad at Glommen. The sea was calm and the breeze was time to time behind wind. A bit tired landed we at planned spot at 21.30.

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Week 3

Grimsholmen – Skälviks Hamn – 10,98 Nm = 2,0 mil
We stayed long at Grimsholmen (Bobergs Udde). I had got water in the rear and had to sleep in a partly wet sleeping bag. While my stuff dried did I think of Ulf Who left us this day a year ago. It was also the day I abandoned my first try out at Laholmsbukten in tough and rainy weather. In the meanwhile visited Larry a working friend - Gert Andersson - Who later came to us with coffee before we paddled the short distance before crossing Laholmsbukten and Skälderviken.

Skälviks Hamn – Strandbaden – 31,86 Nm = 5,9 mil
A year ago I abandoned at a position we now should cross. This year I simply had to come further and cross the gulf. It was foggy and we paddled compass course towards Torekov. By and by the fog eased off and we could aim directly at Kullen. By this we came close to Hallands Väderö and rested the hottest hours away in the shadow of a tree. We closed in on Kullen at a ···


7.jpg större bild 7c.jpg större bild 7b.jpg större bild

Strandbaden – Viken – 7,02 Nm = 1,3 mil
Today we experienced increasing head wind. We paused at Viken and made some shopping and filled up with water in the wait for better wind. The forecast for tomorrow - thunder and rain. We were offered to sleep indoor at the sailing club and accepted gratefully. I got a call from Lena Olsson. She had been left by Julia who unfortunately had ben forced to abandon. After talking to Larry we decided to slow down so that she could catch up with us. She was at Särö.

8a.jpg 8b.jpg

Viken – Hbg/Råå – 11,74 Nm = 2,2 mil
Larry and I where separated again. The behind wind was good and suddenly disappears Larry towards land and ended up at a beach north of Helsingborg. I had on the other hand search me further out to get cleaner waves and also got good help from the behind wind. As I was occupied by finding an interval and recognized this to late. I made a sharp turn and entered Bulkhamnen and tried to reach Larry After a while we got contact and agreed to meat at Råå where Larry arrived the morning after.
Råå – Ålabodarna – 3,47 Nm = 0,64 mil
A marginal movement! Lena had in just one day paddled from Särö to Träslövsläga. A strong accomplishment to soonest possible reach us. In my opinion we aught to stay and wait for her and that's why we stayed at Ålabodarna during tree days. Larry rather liked to paddle on and let Lena spend more days to catch up with us. Who knows when she would if we paddled some long distances.


One evening we got company by Håkan Nisula during his fight towards the goal in Haparanda. Here it is nice to stay and Brygghuset served first class food to fair prises.

9b.jpg större bild 9c.jpg större bild

I promised Lena a nice (tested) dinner as she arrived. I counted 4 days wait but she arrived the third day. A strong performance. A couple asked if Lena had arrived No I answered and turn around there she come! I immediately felt she was a skilled paddler and good navigator.

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Week 4

Ålabodarna – Fredshög – 37,37 Nm = 6.92 mil
In hazy weather we passed Landskrona, Barsebäck, Malmö Limhamn and at Klagshamn did we stop to cook some food. In the haze had we only just sighted The turning Torso and öresundsbron we had seen all day had mad us tired. Now was that and Falsterbo canal behind us.

0618.jpg större bild

Fredshög – Gislövs Hamn – 8,53 Nm = 1,58 mil
Today was the wind really against us blowing strongly. We paused at Gislövs harbour and hoped for a turning of the wind, but it didn't come. We were offered the boat club during the night while we checked the trend. At 4 o'clock came the wind from West and we went on.

0619.jpg större bild 0620.jpg större bild
Negotiation at Gislöv and our 'Taicon Sq' up on the pier at Kåseberga

Gislövs Hamn – Kåseberga – 31,64 Nm = 5,89 mil
In good breeze we soon sighted Ystad. We all kept away from returning waves from land. Just outside Svarte went suddenly Larry away straight to the shore once more. Lena and I could nothing else than follow him and landed pretty wet in the surf. Towards the afternoon debated wind and waves and we could try to move on. We managed. I myself find how wrong it was of me to accept Larry to start with med. With own skill or experience has he stuck his head into something he is not able to pull through. He doesn't listen to advices or tricks I try to tell, but it seems he's is listening to Lena. Let's se how this turns out. I have persuaded him a couple of times to continue, but will not do it any more. I have to see to my own fulfilling of this tour.

0621.jpg större bild

Kåseberga – Stenshuvud – 25,9 Nm = 4,8 mil
In Kåseberga did I observe that the charging of the battery has stopped. The sun panel was damaged. I called Awimex in Simrishamn for advice. It had been raining during the night an d early morning so our start was a bit delayed. We agreed that should make my own way to Simrishamn and solve my problem. Lena and Larry should rejoin there. They arrived just before I was ready, but continued immediately to Baskemölla that also should be our new meeting point. As I soon after arrived at Baskemölla they were not there. I therefor aimed towards ?!-!-? Yes it had to be Stenshuvud in our direction. In the sunset and shadowed beach I tired to check and listen all the way. My mobile phone was uncharged and packed. At Stenshuvud could I however at least check and got a message they had gone to Vik. I managed to recharge my phone and called to give them my position. We re-joined next morning. I thought of the incident. I was out to if possible paddle the entire coast. Not to act as a tracing dog and be involved in unwanted situations. Why they couldn't wait for me the short moment in Simrishamn is more than I understand. Surely it didn't do me any harm either. It later showed that Lena was to meet her boy-friend.
Stenshuvud – Landön – 21,59 Nm = 4,0 mil
After a break at the bar just south of Åhus did we continue in god behind wind and waves from two directions. Coming half way (to Kalvö) increased the wind suddenly and the wave crests started to blow off. True to my habit I had ben aiming to our goal including compensation to the estimated drift. By this I was far from Lena and Larry. Under those circumstances I turned around to check were they were and saw they had coupled the kayaks together and were safe. I signalled I should change my course towards Landön and made it soonest possible. After a while they too came drifting in.

0622.jpg större bild
watched departure from ...

Landön – Tärnö – 25,09 Nm = 4,6 mil
The wind was at about Beaufort 4 and the sea a bit cleaner than yesterday. Lena and I agreed that Larry had in spite of the circumstances made it very good. Much with thanks to the help from Lena. Our course towards Sölvesborg brought us to Uthorningen. Here I understood something was on-going by the talked between Lena and Larry without involving me. Once more should apparently Larry abandon and needed more persuasion to continue. I couldn't stand more about this and shortly said I' liked to continue on my own. Lena could do as she whished. She stayed with Larry. I rounded the island and had a midsummer meal while waiting for the wind to abate. The waves run high and would hit from the side going east. I had thought of keeping the behind wind all way to Nogersund avoiding the tree capes even if we had stopped at an island on our way. I waited some hours before I went on to Nogersund. There I had a good reason to stop. Outside the last cape before Hällevik I had ben pushed to close to the shore where the waves were building height before breaking. A wave piled up above me and to not be knocked down did I lean against it. I felt how lost completely balance laying horizontally in the wave. As the wave had passed I was still upright in the kayak but with a lot of water inside the kayak as cover had been pressed opened. Heading for Hällevik would be a too large detour to me. Nogersund was more in my way. Towards the evening did I once more continue and aimed at Tärnö. The sea had calmed down pretty well but still were the waves noticeable and needed some watch from me. The darkness came and I closed in on Tärnö. First I saw a huge celebration of Midsummer before I reached another suitable for a tent and met a party also celebrating Midsummer. It was a nice party and the evening became late.

Tärnö – St Ekö – 8,57 Nm = 1,58 mil
I woke up at about 8. A cool had caught me and I didn't feel like hurriedly move on. I made a stop at St Ekö and had to admit I couldn't go on so I stayed the night. During my paddling I had seen Lena and Larry. This made me pleased. They were continuing together.

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Week 5

St. Ekö – Sandhamn – 28,78 Nm = 5,33mil
From St Ekö paddled I at the outside of the islands in the wind from east. At Aspö did the wind turn to S.E. and I went on at inside. That the wind later increased and turned back to easterly couldn't help. At Torhamn did I wish a pizza and a beer before I rounded the Cape. Once more turned the wind and was now Beaufort 4 northerly. Had some rain during the night and some thunder far away.

Sandhamn – (Styrsholm) Kristianopel – 11,8 Nm = 2,18 mil
Head wind today at Beaufort 4 at my start and later increasing. It took me 5 hours to reach Styrsholm where I met some seal counters. I stayed the night as the spot was shielded and besides closed both rain and thunder in. The day was haze. The wind generators could barely be sighted. Some of my food began to run out. Another change of wind direction towards the evening got me to search for another spot shielded from the new wind. With darkness came fog as well and I ended up at the inside of Majö in a quite lagoon.

0626.jpg större bild
A sight becoming more and more usual. And worse it got. Do you se the stone!?

Majö – Revsudden – 29,7 Nm = 5,50 mil
Started early with the course 30º that I held almost the whole day. I paddled far out to avoid stones and land nets. I provisioned at Bergkvara and had breakfast. I stopped at Kalmar for further shopping and landed in the evening at Revsudden. I hear that Lena and Larry had been there the night before. I also saw an empty drink chocolate bag and wondered if Lena now is the one to boil extra water for the morning drink to Larry. I have also wondered if she has to mark out the track in his maps. It wasn't much he could do by himself. After my shopping I Kalmar I now have a radio again.
Revsudden – Storön – 16,9 Nm = 3,13 mil
I had continuing problems with the charging and missed batteries for the GPS. Awimex shall send me a larger panel PR Oskarshamn. The wind is from time to time strong coming from N.N.W.
Storön – Tillingeö – 19,1 Nm = 3,54 mil
Search the panel that should have arrived but Oskarhamn cannot handle PR post. I had to rent a car and drive back to Mönsterås where I got the parcel. As the day already had been destroyed I planned to wash up some cloths. The harbour captain should soon be back according to a note at his door. I bought a pizza and waited for about 11/2 hour. Any captain didn't show up. Earlier this day I had been caught by a news reporter from Oskarshamns newspaper and been interviewed. Say that accident that come alone!

0630.jpg större bild

Tillingeö – Stora Torsholmen – 21,0 Nm = 3,89 mil
Fixed the charging today and it seems to function. The archipelago here is very nice. Some island seems to be designed by architects. Accessibility = 0. Stones, stones, and more stones. Every beach is filled up with them. I haven't seen a beach free from stones for several days. A good reason to love Bohuslän. Today I sighted tree sea eagles and some ordinary. I had mad some detours, well worth it.

0701.jpg större bild 0701c.jpg större bild

Stora Torsholmen – Ekö – 27,92 Nm = 5,17 mil
I heard seals in the morning, but could never sigh them. The sea was almost mirror like. I had a break at Idö and went ashore and walked around.

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vecka 6

Ekö - Kallsö - 27,92 Nm = 5,17 mil
Easy paddling today and same distance as last. As I looked out from my tent in the morning floated a sleeping swan just outside. During the hour I used to prepare the day did the swan sleep on. At my first paddle stroke it woke up and flew away and I needn't try to be quit any longer.

Kallsö – Ålö – 17,92 Nm = 3,32 mil

I sighted the smoke from the iron work in Oxelösund, but aim at first at the east side of Arkö before I took the smoke as aiming point. In the guest harbour of Femöre I had a thoroughly run through of clothes being washed. I also rent a cycle to make some shopping. I had had too little drinking water during the paddling in the hot weather. I therefore stopped soon after I had left Oxelösund. I now ought to have made half the distance to Haparanda.


A typical island with bird protection . Most of all it is the great cormorants taking advantage of the protections. The whole island stinks. If the animal protection federation or who ever it is creating those desk laws ought at least fishing federation react. It takes a huge lot of fish to keep those ugly birds alive. And they are not decimated. When one island is dead - free from all living plants - the great cormorants occupy another island. It is not unusual they pick fish from nets while the owner try to empty it. I stopped and watched a seagull diving for food and as soon he came up to swallow the catch a cormorant pinched it. After a while I felt sorry for the seagull. Just as bad is the Canadian goose leaving his traces everywhere. In the area of Stockholm is however at least some are helped by the protection. The signs are moved to places the users like to have a beach or island as private. The protection includes prohibition against landing.
Ålö – Granudden – 29,8 Nm = 5,52 mil
Met today a paddler resting on an island and took the opportunity to have some food in nice company. I had arrived at Stendörren and the paddler was Peter Andersson. I had behind wind all day. That felt nice, as I was a bit lacy. I happened to search my way to the bay between Svärdsjö and Oxnö where my charts show water connection. It was only a culvert. Paddle able? It will show tomorrow. I made night.
Granudden – Skrakholmarna – 26,0 Nm = 4,81 mil
The culvert was just besides where I had got permission to spend the night. Possible to paddle? Both yes and no: A few meters I had to 'walk by hands' - Sitting in the kayak lifting the kayak up and push forward. Sven Berggren told me he probably was the last to paddle without feeling the bottom (probably the last) some years ago.

0705.jpg större bild 0705b.jpg större bild

After some easy bends and Dragets Canal did I Reach Nynäshamn where I met next paddler - Bertil Malmgren. We joined and made the town while we shopped whatever we needed. I was searching a place where to land when I saw a paddler with decisive strokes chose another way than me. I followed him. Bertil is an easy person and easy to communicate with. A friend of his - Donald Högberg, culture profile in 'Nynäs' joined us and some hours went away. Bertil should be 68 the day after and we paddled on together. We accepted each other and had a lot to talk about. Was it the arms or mouths that worked most of the way when we moved along Mysingen. It became a late evening after a nice day.
Skrakholmarna – Dalarö – 5,9 Nm = 1,09 mil
I congratulated Bertil. Some of his friends should arrive to Dalarö by boat and celebrate him. I was invited an to Dalarö wasn't long way to us. We first stopped at the south side and had a birthday snack. Via the canal were we soon in the north guest harbour. The boat - A Storebro had just arrived. When we had landed and the boat was tied up did we enter. That's where we were rest of the day and part of next day.


Dalarö – Tjägö – 22,59 Nm = 4,18 mil
In spite of a late evening (early morning) did I woke up early and said farewell to my new friend and left the boat. The need for sleep came later. I had to stop at a small island close to Kofoten in Nämndöfjärden and have some rest. At Möja was my strength gone, but I found a nice bay.

0707.jpg större bild 0708.jpg större bild

Tjägö – Lidö – 26,51 Nm = 4,9 mil
The morning was a bit foggy. It was stuffy. The breeze came from east.

0708b.jpg större bild 20.jpg större bild 21.jpg större bild
Paddling by compass course was often needed.

At Norröra increased the wind and rain closed in. I had a shielded break at Bullerskär. I would soon enter Väddö canal. At Lidö broke the rudder line and I had to go ashore. During the Winter had I mounted a line guide that now showed to have a sharp edge cutting the line made of Kevlar. Easily fixed. Knit the parts together and run outside the guide but had also started to blow harder. I stayed and got a visit by some cows during the evening.

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vecka 7

Lidö – Fälön – 30,15 Nm = 5,58 mil
Along Björkö I had head wind, but later turning towards behind wind. During a break I had to get rid of two ticks. I felt the day had been tiresome. It shouldn't be wrong to have a day without paddling - actually.


Fälön – Valsudden – 13,5 Nm = 2,5 mil
During the day broke the rudder line once more. I had made a bad kind of knot. Kevlar line demands better splice. At the same time came the rain and for the second time I had to use my rain jacket. As I arrived at öregrund the rain vanished. Provision, walk about and a nice meal. A warning for gale was heard at the forecast. As I left Öregrund it proved to be true. As I landed I had company by a snake also about to land and let it land first. Is there snake there are no vipers I thought and put up my tent. In the sun and wind dried needed things rapidly.

Valsudden – Fågelsundet – 22,09 Nm = 4,09 mil
I was now in paddling water I've heard a lot about but never had visit before. Some children addressed me by asking if I was Lennart. At my 'yes' they answered. 'Good, then we know' (?!?) Perhaps had Lena & Larry told them I should come. I aimed away to Grönskär about 7,5 Nm ahead, but today it felt wrong to move towards Sikhjälma. I didn't like that perhaps. My friend wasn't there any longer. Here at Fågelsundedt I found a small space. The kayak up on the cliff and the tent on grass. Perfect to ponder upon the continuance.

fab.jpg större bild fa.jpg större bild

Fågelsundet – Skräddarhällan – 22,09 Nm = 4,09 mil
Once more same distance as the day before. It was a nice place found there at Fågelsundet. The wind was rather strong in the morning (about Beaufort 4) so I took it easy and had a lot of time as I also had waked up early. I thought about my friend who had a summer house in Sikhjälma. We should have paddled together from Svinesund last year. I should continue to Haparanda while he stayed at Sikhjälma. He was ill and couldn't start. We talked every day either by phone or mail. The day I had to abandon I called him but never got an answer and he was back from the hospital. He longed for a paddle tour in this water he told me about. He went out and returned back but never came ashore as his heart suddenly stopped. He was HBB's first webmaster. His daughters took the summer house and left his common-law wife with nothing. I think I have a good reason to not visit Sikhjälma.
Time was 13.00 before I launched the kayak and the sea had abated. Crossed Lövstabukten and Gävlebukten. After Gårdskär I paddled inside Långsandsörarna. My choice of way often brings me to passages one normally doesn't use.

0715.jpg större bild

At the other side of the bridge I almost had to fight through the reed, but through I came. Billskaten however I had to round at the outside. Head wind gave no reason to aim at Skutskär. Better have use of the wind and cross the gulf.

Skräddarhällan – Gållsgrund – 6,42 Nm = 1,18 mil

At Skräddarhällan I had the worst campsite so far at an island full of stones, but slept well. Went then at the inside of Eskön and continued at the inside of Hålön towards Gållsgrund. It was a rocky and narrow passage. Gåållsgrund is however a very nice place at the inside and perhaps a popular landing. As the weather wasn't so nice was I alone during the night.

0713.jpg större bild

Actually I should have reached Norrfällsviken by now was the plan. My son Jörgen with family was there and it had been nice to meet them. Perhaps we can meet somewhere else as they are the way back home. As far as I could judge would Norrsundet be the best place to us all. I then had an extra day to reach there.
Gållsgrund – Norrsundet – 13,13 Nm = 2,43 mil
I had in thought to sleep a bit longer and perhaps stay at Gållsgrund. Without any reason it didn't turn out that way could I recon as I sat in kayak. A cold head wind had made me woke up but to late. The sun began to shine trough and the wind abated even if the waves still roared at the outside of Iggön. I had to keep out well of Iggön. Just before the wind increased again was I about to reach the small harbour of Norrsundet together with a ship loaded with 'Gudrun-timber'.
Norrsundet – 0 Nm
I had a day off at Norrsundet and met several nice boat owners.
Jörgen should come today. We agreed to me buying shrimps or similar White they got left over after their week at Norrfällsviken. Towards the afternoon they arrived. I got a gift to celebrate I at least had come this far and whished me god continuance. A bottle of Lauders for me. Thankful and satisfgied.


His daughter Linn didn't like to be interrupted in her hut for beetles. After this reunion and meal should they continue back home. I would gladly have taken place in the far bug the right wish won.
The east coast is not as the west coast. "Am I back there again!" It is however a bit boring with rocky beaches and island covered by trees. That is about one could see from a kayak. But without doubt are there pearls sometimes and makes them more valuable.

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Week 8

Norrsundet – Storskäret – 28,7 Nm = 5,31 mil
During the day I passed Sandskär. Well, it took some time before I passed it. But by the time. It was inviting for a break. I met Ann-Catrin and Jan who just were about to go for a kayak round-about. I asked if I could stay at their nice beach. As they were back I was invited to them for coffee and sandwiches at their veranda. During our nice talk I might have been sitting longer than planned, but one must be able to break a plan and have a nice time. Via Svartsundet paddled I later to an island among Klacksörarna. The island was between Nordosten and Sydosten. At Storskäret I observed a cottage. It later showed to be owned by a brother to Larry and my present had been noticed.
Storskäret – Agö – 14,54 Nm = 2,69 mil
The sight was really not the best, but I saw a cape far away. Maybe could it be Hornslandet. As my tiny charts didn't cover that area I didn't know it was Agö I saw. Arriving there I stopped for something to eat and tried to figure out were in … I was. A boat had landed at the very cape of the island and thought to ask them. The beach was only rocks and naturally one rolled a little when I carefully stepped on it. I fell like a fur and landed as a living (but hit) bridge between higher rocks. Right elbow and left long finger were the parts of the body that took the fall. Nothing broken. I got my position and should paddle on. It didn't feel good at all in the elbow. In west began dark clouds to build up and the wind turned to NW and increased. I went for the shore again over a lot of rocks and that was wrong of me.
Agö – 0 Nm
The wind was now coming from west and the water had moved out. Where I had paddled in were now the rocks partly above the water. The door out had been closed for me and remained closed all day. To be prepared to launch the kayak I turned it around and moved some of the rocks but the water level was too low.

55.jpg större bild 56.jpg större bild
The beaches were filled by old lumber

58.jpg större bild
TIn spite of pebble could the tent be placed and I could rest pretty comfortable.

Agö – Stocka – 23,56 Nm = 4,36 mil

At 8.00 were the possibility to launch better than before. I studied the wave rhythm and had a chance and could wet continue. The weather once more nice and the wind turn over to south. Remaining waves were no problem. I bought smoked whitefish at Kuggören and met a cheerful lady from Gothenburg who had been left by her common-law husband to paint window frames. Via Yttre Bergön (nice place) I paddled towards Stocka. The wind direction changed and increased. This came to be the hardest distance so far. My right arm is aching.
Stocka – Alnö – 32,86 Nm = 6,08 mil

I slowly started at 7.00 on a mirror sea. My thought was to pass Brömön this day. After Mellanudden did it look tiring long and felt a bit comfortless. My course was set at Lörudden and my hope was to reach the gust harbour at Juniskär. All planned with present conditions. The wind turned to south and a course to the east side of Alnö became more convenient. I had been paddling easy to save my arm, but still rather tired. It had rain a little during the night. According to the forecast there should be more of that. There was no wind and the rain looked like changed to heavy fog and wind from NW..

0721d.jpg större bild

Alnö– 0 Nm
I had a day off and went by bus to Alnö Shopping centre and later by foot I visited Spikarna

0721c.jpg större bild  0721b.jpg större bild

Rain was promised for the day and I made the kayak ready for start. Jim had called and wonder if we could meet perhaps in Tynderösundet. He was on his way south.

Alnö – Snättsundet – 31,24 Nm = 5,78 mil


The morning was foggy. After start increased the fog and I was forced in to land at north west side of Rödön. My planned way was to round Åstön and the narrow inlet was probably hard to hit by compass. When the fog had debated a little I continued.. Jim had in the fog paddled outside Åstön. Even if I had paddled that way we would probably missed each other in the fog. A meeting in our right element would have been nice.
Lena had now reach the goal after 44 days. Strong achievement. I myself was now using page 40 of my charts. Still 11 to be used. Consequently a good way to go.
The fog suddenly disappeared. My tour went on and passed Härnösand. As I had no reason for a stop I just made a paddledthrough. .

0722b.jpg    0722c.jpg
hkb.jpg större bild

Sighted far away the bridge telling I am atHÖGA kusten.

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Week 9

Snättsundet – Bönhamn – 16,71 Nm = 3,09 mil
Didn't reach longer today. The swell from South East is tiresome to parry. Weak wind and I hope the swell will debate. I have now start using pills against the constant ache in right arm.

Mystery picture!? Which harbour have I reached? (in Swedish Bönhamn and there is a böna = gal (slang expressions))



Bönhamn – Skagsudde – 27,99 Nm = 5,18 mil
A day without any special, but then one must forget the incident I had. After a break at Trysunda should I paddle between Klösan and Vågön. In opposite direction comes two fast motor boats. They were occupied of their internal competition and didn't look where they went and steered directly to me. I fetched my torch at same time as a passenger in the closest boat makes the driver aware of me. About 10 meters away from turned both boats to avoid me with unchanged speed. What would have happened if I was just one of a couple kayaks. It really is time to have all boats registered and demand a driving licence for boats make more then 15 knots. I am now on my sheet #41. If I paddle 27 Nm per day I ought to reach the finish August 3. Latest Aug. 7 I'd say.
Skagsudde – Järnäshamn – 25,94 Nm = 4,8 mil
Slept nice and long. Well, that is in periods of max 4 hours as my mattress doesn't keep the air even if I overfill with air. It has been like that since the beginning. This one - Down mattress) was untested and I got after reclamation of the one I had before also leaking air. I hesitated a little to cross Degerfjärden directly due to the wind and stopped for a while at Själnöhamn. In the of today's distance abated the wind. It has often debated and stated to blow harder from another direction. What would it be now. I became a good breeze from east. To spare my arm I searched land until once more abated and finally reached Järnäshamn.
Järnäshamn – Norrbyskär – 10,09 Nm = 1,86 mil

I had been cold during yesterday and the night was somewhat like a pain. I made it to Norrbyskär. I felt the strength ebbed out. Under constant sneezing and dropping nose I rent a room. I went to bed immediately to rest and woke up in time for a nice dinner. Then I slept the entire night without pumping any mattress. The morning was not an early one. (about my Down Mat I should say that I tried many times to stop the leak but never found where it was. I got a new one that smell awfully when I let the air out and small parts of the down blow out. I then got a forth mattress and have used it several years without problem. Note made 2015


Norrbyskär is an old Ideal village. The company MoDo built it at the turn of centaury. To get workers to the saw got all their own homes with electricity. The saw was active until 1953. It is now a tourist attraction museum, youth hostel, hotel and guest harbour. The island itself had no trees to saw. All timber arrived on barges and the sawed wood was fetched by cargo ships. The commerce was active. Left now are about 50 barges along timber shod beaches. The guest harbour was earlier a harbour for prominent guests. I landed beside it.
Norrbyskär – Norrfjärden – 33,52 Nm = 6,21 mil

The rest made me well and after a late breakfast, but still as soon it was laid in the restaurant I was off. Clearly use the hotel and I different time scheme. Late to me is (to) early to them. Fantastic weather and almost now wind from east. I had a very nice day of paddling. It was pleasant to once more see Norrfjärden where I had the ferry to Holmön. There were a lot more houses now. At that time it was just a ferry birth.
Norrfjärden – Avanäset – 34,65 Nm = 6,41 mil
At Rataskär did I fill up the water and had a bite before I continued towards I believed it was Grundskatan I could sight. It was in fact only Avanäset. I wasn't sure of where I was as I had been following my paddling badly during the day and saw some persons at the beach and paddled in to them. Now was the empty and the sun about to set. I went to one of cottages and was received by a bright and nice young girl, but didn't get hold on where I was. In the next cottage were I informed friendly received and offered to put up my tent at their lawn. Down at the kayak I once more met the girl in company with her relatives hearing that a HBB-paddler had knocked at their door. They had met (a less lost HBB-er) last year. It showed to have been Lars Dagberg landed for a short break. Naturally we then ha a lot to talk about.
Avanäset – Medgrund – 34,4 Nm = 6,37 mil

Here it became jet another long distance, but spread out during several hours. From Avanäset I aimed at Grundskatan. I didn't recognize the wind to increase but the waves got higher. I had to keep well out of land and really judge when it was time to turn into the guest harbour at Bjuröklubb at the inside of promontory. Well there I followed the recommendation I got from Lars Dagberg to buy smoked salmon from the shop-boat. Smoked salmon is nice, but this is – !
In the afternoon I tried to continue, but no. The sea went still high and would be tiresome. More rest and a new attempt at 21.30. Now it was absolutely better. In the beginning I kept out from land to avoid the bouncing waves. By the time the waves debated I also could paddled closer to land. Unfortunately came a cold head wind. I began to freeze as I paused at the inside of Skallön. In the darkness I figured out where among the islands outside Skeleftehamn I aught to paddle. One were careful with islands and protected them from the waves by building a wall of rocks along the beaches. This I could see as I passed them in the day break. Not friendly to a kayak. I continued. At Hålfjärden fell I almost asleep several times, but reached Medgrund - without wall - and slept well between 8.30 and 11.00.

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week 10

Medgrund – Byske – 13,48 Nm = 2,49 mil
That there is a shop at Byske had I heard earlier. Now I had to get there before they closed. From Kågenäshällan I aimed towards Hamnskäret and from there to Byska Havsbad.
The waves rolled in on the beach so I choose to land in the east part below the summer houses. There was a bridge protecting from direct waves.

by.jpg större bild 

I hurried up to shop at the camping area. On my way back just at the border to the area I saw a woman watering her lawn. Is there a possibility for me to put up my tent here at the beach I wondered? She was very accommodating and we found a nice spot just close to her garden. I was shortly after invited for coffee together with her partner Göran. Her name was Ann-Catrin. I then had some office work to do at the tent now standing nicely. Göran came and asked very considerate if I felt for a whisky and he need not repeat that question and the evening became late. I can just hope that Anki and Göran had a like wise nice evening as I had. Anki (my nickname to Ann-Catrin) talked a lot of Stenskär that I probably should pass next day. An island far from its name (Stenskär=Stone/rocky island consists only of sand). I promised to make at least a footprint at the island.
Byske – Vargön – Junkön – 49,6 Nm = 9,18 mil
In the morning I missed my wind tight shirt. When did I use it last? Yes! While I was shopping. I had to wait until the shop opened. Neatly folded did I get my shirt back and could continue. I didn't see Anki & Göran. The day was still early but I had lost 2 hours. With my course, I came to pass Stenskär very close in the evening. I didn't only make a footprint. I went ashore and had an evening bite. My paddling should go on during the night I planned. Without GPS and without chart over the area. Hm? How will this end? As expected. I had Stenskär and Junkön on two different charts in different scale. Towards the daybreak did I land at the east side of Vargön and rested for some hours before I continued to Junkön. At Junkön were the guest harbour cared by some young bright girls bathing after today's work. It was 16°, indeed +. Here was sauna and shower some little to eat and a nice museum. Don't know why I thought it was so nice, but it gave information of more than it showed. Naturally could I tent wherever I could..

0801a.jpg större bild 0801b.jpg

Junkön – Ligogrunnan – 22,4 Nm = 4,14 mil
Once more a foggy morning.

0802a.jpg större bild

In the morning was the silence just as thick as the fog. It took until 10.30 before I left. Despite the fog was it warm. How would this day be? Yes! Dead calm. The sea was once more like a mirror. One freely paddle wherever one likeed to, or rather were one should in a straight line and my strokes brought med to Brändsöskär to have a look at a statue told to be a Madonna, but looked more like an ordinary lady. I hade been invited to Berit and Reino at Smålsön and it was they who mentioned the statue. Therefore, my trace was not straight as I paddled back to Brändöskär, but from here I had a straight line to some island I vaguely saw in the horizon - Renskär among others and stopped at Ligogrunnan towards the evening. The haze was strong all day. I was closing in on the finish. To gain some time I should go on early in the morning. Just sleep a little. Easily done under the sky. No tent. In the dry weather were the mosquitoes the smallest problem. The island looked to be filled with red ants. A couple of steps worse. The tent came forth in spite there were no chance to press down the pins at this island of rocks. Not the slightest bit better than Skräddarhällan I earlier judged out for camping. However slept I did and longer than wished.
Ligogrunnan – Kuninkaankari – 29.4 Nm = 5,44 mil

During the day I thought of the paddler who had reached the goal and during a needed night of rest lost his kayak and gear. All was stolen during the night. This will I not offer. With Virtakari in sight, I therefore landed before I made the finish. Once more was my landing spot filled with red ants and their cousins black ants not so hot-tempered. I imagined how signalled Yum-yum! Yum-yum! Bare feet and legs and above that a worn out body. My camp was made in record time and the zipper closed with me at the inside. Carefully I looked out towards the cape. Surely could I slide over there and finish and then paddle back again. But no, I saved it for tomorrow
  Kuninkaankari – Virtakari – 1,6 Nm = 0,38 mil
Head on is Virtakari Cape at Torne river's outlet with border mark occur goal point.

0804a.jpg större bild
I bear TOWARDS at ...

0804.jpg större bild
... the goal at "HAPPY-RANDA!"

Could this tour be ended better than with behind wind straight towards the finish. About what time I places my hand at Rr 59 am I doubtful about the minute. I myself believe it took place at 06.15 as my mobile showing Finnish time sad 07.15. (it had switched over to Finnish Sonera) The camera not showing summer time sad 05.18. Pretty equal in other words.

100b.jpg större bild

It felt good to accomplished this challenge. Disappointing though! I stand here and try to figure the time interval for the camera and miss the moment when I actually tapped the stone. Rr 59. Paddle that far and unable to proof I did it.
With some regret would I not be paddling tomorrow. After 62 days, it becomes a habit to sit down in the kayak and paddle. I paddled 1196.54 Nm or 221,6 metric miles. That is 3,57 miles each day the time the tour has taken.
Detta är jag mycket nöjd med.


Back home again. With many memories from all the experiences. This far a translations from my logbook.
During the due following jury meeting was I received heartily at Jim's flat where those meeting have found their place. When my maps and log book had been scrutinised and I got complementary questions I got the nice miniature kayak as a memory of my conquering of HBB with number 103.

3k.jpg   6k.jpg

Despite I didn't run for or fulfil any record were I offered a tasty Princess tart. Its decoration tells more than my words.


As webmaster for HBB am the first to also have paddled this tour. That is a record in itself - if now the tart needs an explanation or excuse.
Nice tasted the tart! Which, with knowledge and experience, certifies.
In the jury were, Jim Danielsson (as chairman), (assisted by) Sven Berggren, Mats Grindvik, Erling Bengtsson, Bengt Larsson and Magnus Fischer.


Tank you to you all.
I hope for reunion.
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